YES! more SPACE... for a while


Hi. We worked very hard over Chinese New Year to create more SPACE.

Here is an exclusive PREview for you.

We managed to secure a very nice additional shophouse unit just opposite on 36 Purvis Street, which creates another ~14 desks and a small separate office, which are up for grabs….

We also managed to make an arrangement for a nicely set meeting/conference room at 12 Purvis, which can be rented on a time basis. There will be a booking calendar up soon.

We hope all this will further enhance our nice working environment and give a few more people the chance to sign up.

Have a look at the 16+36+12 Concept pdf and some floor plans here.

If you like to view or secure a desk just let us know.... the sooner the better. There might some opportunities at 16 and 36.

THANKS and a successful year of the goat!