Tokyo Workspaces Wrap-up


Hi! Asides from our great co-working and virtual office space in Singapore PlusConcept | SPACE we have a long history working from Tokyo Co-working spaces, which actually inspired us to get a SPACE started in Singapore. In the meantime we established some partnerships and co-operations with the LEAGUE IN GINZA and MONO SPACE IN ODAIBA.

That aside a while ago we collected some info other cool work-spaces in Tokyo - quite a while ago, so no guarantee for its up-to-date-ness, but we thought we put the small list here. Enjoy.

Ginza Business Center

RentalOfficeIndex (only in Japanese)

You can search shared offices, serviced office and/or virtual offices by area at:

Ginza Plus Net (Omotesando, Aoyama, Shibuya and more) (Japanese info only… so far)

There are more… haven’t been there yet, but a friend just joined this. Not sure about their English capabilities. They have multiple locations around Tokyo and provide business addresses too.

moboff:Mobile Office (shameless PR)

This is Nicolas from Design Works Project, an architectural design/real estate consultancy based in Harajuku. We design offices and advise companies on how to work better.

The project that I started, and would like to shamelessly plug, is moboff (モバフ), short for mobile office. The concept was to combine multiple “real” office space + “cloud computing” services + a “community” of freelancers/creators/entrepreneurs etc.

Features: -5 coworking locations in Aoyama/Harajuku (members can use any and all) -cloud based WebOS service, VoIP phone, IP fax -networking events, etc.

Site: (I’m upgrading the site through next week)

Twitter: Facebook:

Contact me at nico[at]

Cross Office Shibuya (Japanese)

Discovered an ad of something new which could be of interest to some:

Shinjuku Business Garden

The benefit of Google ads in a nice group :-) This just popped up. SHINJUKU BUSINESS GARDEN “Shinjuku Business Garden offers private offices in our building on a monthly rental basis. Private office rental also includes our Postal Office Box, and Telephone Answering Service at no additional cost, making this a tremendous value.”

3 best Tokyo cafes for the business traveller

Nice CNN GO write-up about some workable coffee shops in town.

3 best Tokyo cafes for the business traveller

Whether a corporate drone or artiste, these three spots offer coffee or tea for the jetlag and the perfect atmosphere to get some work done…. READ THE ARTICLE HERE

Tokyo 21c Club – Marunouchi

Tokyo 21c ClubCollaboration and shared office space in the Marunouchi Building. Membership based and recommendations from other members required. Seems nicely business like – but we haven’t been there ourselves. Anybody tried this one?

Tokyo 21c Club The Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. 10th floor 1-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6510 Phone: 03-5208-2121 Fax: 03-5208-9035