Thanks from our co-workers ...and "thanks back all the way".

A big thank you to PlusConcept for creating such an awesome co-working space! With its superb location, neat facilities, flexible package offers and most importantly conducive environment in a beautiful shophouse full of heritage - I can't ask for more." Great location on Purvis street. Full of character! Lots of food choices and great coffee shops. Cheap French, expensive Thai, chicken rice, sushi, karaoke and Singapore national library. Convenient location to subway and many buses!

Markus has successfully created a conducive, on-brand and on-budget shared business space with PlusConcept | SPACE. It caters efficiently as a think-tank for independent start-up business individuals or small teams, who thrive in an environment of trust, respect and self-motivation. And the location caters beautifully, to those who appreciate being in the middle of old-world charms and new-world progression, as an accessible central business operations unit.

Thanks for the great office space. I enjoy working here a lot! READ MORE FEEDBACK ON OUR TESTIMONIAL PAGE