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Virtual Office STARTER Special $10/month only

We are happy to offer our Singapore Virtual Office STARTER PLAN at$10*per month only.

For $120 per year you can get a fantastic address @Purvis Street. Great virtual office management and mail notifications, mail storage and upgrade to our Pro-System Pongopost for basic mail notifications

More details with an new INSTANT SIGN-UP FORM or our PlusConcept | Space website.

Pongopost - our new virtual office and mailing solution


We made our virtual office service even better through our own online solution PONGOPOST. Asides from the basic VO plan, we now offer an online platform for scanning of mails and unlimited forwarding, as well as options for intenrational based clients and an additional mailing address. Head over to the PONGOPOST site for more details or checkout the below or as usual just drop us a note for more details. - See more in our virtual office section.

UPDATE Pongopost Virtual Office Singapore Press Release: