MyPoste PRO+ (Y)


MyPoste PRO+ (Y)

200.00 every 12 months 280.00 every 12 months

~S$ 16.67/month only

Regular Volume Digital Mail Box
Plus Virtual Office / Private Address
Plus Scanbot™ Service:

- Envelope Image Notifications
- Actions: Scan, Forward, Shred
- Storage: 60 Days
- 50 Letters/month
- Self Collection
- 4 Local Mail Forwards
> Local S$1.50
> Intl. S$2.00 Handling + Postage
- 10 Letter Content Scan
> Extra S$0.50/scan up to 5 pages
- Cheque Deposits
> S$5.50/Cheque


All plans include: Singapore Postal Address: New Direct to Email Mail Notifications on letter arrival, Envelope Image Scan so you can see what you received, Self Pick-up at our processing/collecting office location 12 Purvis Street 2f (S) 188591 (Weekdays 8:30-5:30), Free Recycling of your mails, Free Shredding your mails, Trusted and personal service.

ACRA Registered Address included in MAX+, case by case approval for START+ and PRO+ plans. Limited parcel receipt and storage or fee for higher volume parcels.

12 Purvis Street
[2F or 02-xxx (assigned 3 digit mail box number) ]
(S) 188591,

For resign-ups or extensions the current address at 16 Purvis, 2F - 02-xxx S (188595) remains active and open for letter reception until further notice.