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MAINTENANCE: Please note that 17. / 18 October and 21./22./23. October 2019 we will be performing some system maintenance and upgrades. We will receive mails daily and they are ready for pick-up as usual, but some scanning and online processing might be delayed during that period. Thanks for your understanding.




Receive you MYPOSTE Mail under this address. XXX being your mailbox code.

12 Purvis Street

NOTE: Please note that our legacy address 16 Purvis Street, #02-xxx, Singapore 188595 is still active for letter recpetion - we will transfer your letters from here to our pick-up loction. For new sign-ups or couriers we however recommend using our 12 Purvis Street address as this will be our future location and the 16 Purvis might be phased out - however we will announce that with suffcient lead time.


What happened to the previous platform by Anytime Mailbox?

We have been operating reliable virtual office services on Purvis street since 2012. During this time we used various software solutions to provide our service and notifications. The previous platform Anytime Mailbox was one of them. We came to the believe that a third party solution has its risks to our data and to our user data and service. Also the features might not be the ideal solution to manage accounts and post quickly and securely.

In the current case it took a particular unfriendly turn as the provider of the software informed our own clients under our name that our operations are closed and locked in our customer data.

All this further suppoerted our believe that we need to have all aspects of the digital mail business under our control and to improve our services in a very streamlined way.


In case you don't require a mailbox anymore, we will be sad to see you go, but make the process easy for you.

Simply sign into your account on our website and cancel your subscription. Our subscriptions are on a fixed monthly or yearly term by term basis. If you cancel you won't be charged for the following term anymore.

In case you come from one of the legacy systems or former platforms please use the form below.


After you cancelled please make sure to redirect all your mails. We have a certain leanway (about 1 month) on mails still arriving. But please note shall we receive official mailings from authorities, IRAS, ACRA, Banks etc we will have to impose charges for address usage and/or return the mails to sender with a notification of unauthorized use.


If you request a cheque deposit with us for the first time. Do drop us a message after requesting and let us know, the below details to deposit your cheque:

Your Bank
Your Bank Account Number

We will add them to your profile for the next deposits unless you instruct us otherwise. We will attempt to deposit your cheque within a few working days - depending on bank and location. The charge will be taken from your credits.


Being mainly a mail service provider, we are also happen to accept courier deliveries. Couriers and delieveries are genearlly able to reach us during our core business hours. During lunch ours or in case we are out couriers are requested to follow the instructions provided at our location and make sure they try to reach us.
IMPORTANT: We cannot control or be responsible for the couriers / mailmans' schedules, timings and effort to deliver.

In case there is a missed delivery please kindly arrange redelivery - if the courier leaves a note we will scan it into your mailbox to support.


Our credits allow you to cover cost for special requests outside of your plan. Purchase credits to be covered for additional scans



Your plan may include a physical forwarding allowance for letters. For more please purchase credits. We will send your letters via regular post if not requested otherwise. We have 1-2 forwarding runs per week and will mail out your letters. We assure that the letters are franked and dropped properly. Please note that we can not be reponsible for postal services and their delivery times, however we are able to let you know when we dropped the letters.

We will use your address on file, if you request a forward you may specific or confirm the address or a new address in response.




Every company is required to have its own account with us. As you sign-up with your name and company you as a company director/owner will be linked an identifiable. To identify other company related mails to other directors with the company, please notify us about their names so we can add them and identify them

(NOTE: THIS APPLIES TO COMPANY RELATED MAILS ONLY. If you use your 3 digital mailbox number we can still identify the account).

If you like us to put other directors on the account for identification please drop us an email to notify us of their names.


If you are requested please email or upload supporing documents for verification, please upload any photo ID (IC, NRIC, EP, DRIVERS LICENCE, PASSPORT etc and/or a business registration or profile).

or to: theofficeof@plusconceptinc.com

via our secure dropbox system

The system verification could take 1-2 business days, however if you have an urgent need for the address contact us for immediate use. Please note that if we don't receive your identification within 10 days your account will be marked as inactive.



You will receive email notifications through our MYPOSTE system as soon as you receive mail. An envelope scan is always attached.

The notification will go straight into your email inbox - you can process it as you process emails.

Our mails are always tagged with myposteSG You can use this tag to set-up a automated folder or filter or search in your mail client if you need to distinguish your physical mails.

We choose a bot like management system within your email as the most efficient way to process mails.

You may quick respond with SCAN, SHRED, FORWARD, DEPOSIT to manage your actions and mail services.


We are mainly a mail service provider. Please note we can't do redistribution or fullfillment unless there is an individual agreement. Parcel forwarding is mainly for individual cases and subject to a surcharge. General parcels are generally not accepted on the basic plans unless agreed. There might be suprcharges per parcel.


If you like to self-collect at our location, please note the following hours

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm

12 Purvis Street #02-00 Singapore 188591

(Stairs to the left next to Salted & Hung) (Ring door bell staff will assist)

You can find all plans and fees on our MYPOSTE PRICE PLAN PAGE.

You can use the SIGN-IN/LOG-IN TAB to view your subscriptions to cancel or start a new plan subscription or to buy credits.

The latest fees and plans are accessible via the button below.

It is easy to change, upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Simply go to our MYPOSTE PRICE PLAN PAGE. Subscribe the new plan you prefer.

You can then use the SIGN-IN/LOG-IN TAB to view your subscriptions to cancel your old subscription.

Don't worry if you cancel first - before subscribing the new plan - nothing will happen to your mails :)


Your plan includes an allowance of content scans - for additional scans you would need to buy a credit pack. We attempt to scan your letters as soon as possible and mostly within one business day. Please note that scanning is a physical process, we try to do securely and discreetly and is limited to business hours. We will scan directly in response to you actual mail item notification.

Your plan includes a storage allowance for mailitems and parcels. Please note that we will shred an dispose any items above that timing due to space constraints and to enable a comfortable uncluttered mail system for all users.

See your subscribed product for details.

General Storage allowance

START+ 30 days
PRO+ 60 days
MAX+ 90 days