q1. what's plusconcept | space?

To give you some idea what to expect and what we stand for:

What are PlusConcept | SPACEs? PlusConcept | SPACEs are personal, exclusive shared office and boutique co-working spaces, mostly set in unique historic shophouses. We try to be a business development and business support community in a shared setting – which translates into synergies and cost savings. We offer a stylish and pleasant and moreover productive working environment in one of the trendiest and very ideally located streets in town.

Do I need to lock away my things? PlusConcept | SPACEs thrive to be a secure environment, that you can call it your office – despite some sharing characteristics. The structure of our facilities, the target audience make it a truly secure environment. Add some biometrics to it and you have a great environment facilitating your business. Other wise you might as well work from a coffee shop or very public shared office. We try to enable more ownership and the option to feel are (home) work.

q2. what we are not? :)

We are not large impersonal, corporate like spaces. We have multiple good sized locations for a private office feel. We try to not present to be hyper hip start-up incubators with parties and a massive tech talk agenda. We thrive on quality connections and synergies of our quality members instead. We are not a sterile offices or business centers. We don’t have (windowless) private offices. We don’t have fax machines and desks with ringing telephones. We are not a shop, a photo studio, a high customer traffic environment, we don’t have in-workspace event spaces. We help our members to stay business focussed and productive and to succeed – not distract them. We are not an anonymous work space and a space where you have to lock away your things.

q3. who works here?

Who works here? Our people/workers/guests are trusted entrepreneurs, company founders, freelancers, researchers from an international background (Germany, Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and more). People treating the space responsibly as their own and have the full trust and access to the space in most cases 24/7. People how see the value in a good coworking environment and exclusive shared office and do their common sense part to keep this an perfect environment for everybody.

Why work at PlusConcept | SPACE? Our SPACEs are work conducive, efficient, stylish, professional and productive. PlusConcept | SPACE workers feel inspired by each other, have a social environment instead of working totally alone with as much or as little synergies you need. We are trying to support member interactions through member groups and facilitated get-together as well as personal introductions.

q4. what about the location?

Where are the SPACEs? Our original SPACE is No. 16 PURVIS STREET – 2nd/3rd floor above the Arch Angel Shoe Shop and opposite the Jai Thai Restaurant and Killeney Kopitiam. In the meantime we have multiple locations along Purvis Street and a few partner locations nearby for meetings and workshops.

PURVIS STREET (S) 188595 is almost next to the RAFFLES HOTEL and the stylish NAUMI HOTEL, near RAFFLES PLACE, near MRT STATIONS (City Hall, Bugis, Esplande), opposite the National Library, opposite Bras Basah Complex (stationary, books, arts). PURVIS STREET is full of eateries local, down to earth, a very popular french restaurant, thai, of course hainanese chicken rice, coffee shops and delis. Shortly you may enjoy the best pancakes in the world. Purvis street offers interesting designer fashion and designer furniture shops. Purvis Street is named after John Purvis, a partner of John Purvis & Company and who was also a sheriff of Kampong Glam. Purvis Street – which is often referred to as “Singapore’s Hainan Street”

Is there public transport? Very much :) within 5 minutes we have 4 MRT Stations covering 4 MRT lines (City Hall (North-south RED, East West GREEN, Bugis East West GREEN | Downtown BLUE, Esplanade, Circle Line YELLOW, Bras Brasah Circle Line YELLOW). We are well connected by Bus (North Bridge Road: Bus No.7 32 51 61 63 80 145 175 197 or Beach Road: Bus No.56 57 100 107 743 961 and a lot more). By taxi it’s about 20 minutes to Changi Airport.

What about parking? Being a high street with historic shophouses, we have coupon street parking on Purvis Street. Other cost efficient parking options nearby are the Bras Basah Complex with HDB parking rates and the National Library Parking with similar rates.

q6. what about the working style?

PlusConcept | SPACES have a private, productive & focussed workstyle. All the (cost) benefits of a shared office combned with security & productivity.

Can I conduct meetings in the office?

Sure, each of our spaces have meeting corners, i.e. No 16 has a small meeting area on our 1F and a breakout area on our 2F.Those meeting areas are free to use up to 45 mins and are open or semi open, i.e. partitioned. They are well enabled to hold meetings with some common sense about being in a shared environment. If you want to conduct a private meeting we have a very nice 10 person bookable private conference room next door. Also we offer some partner locations for workshops. One more thing, versus an in-house coffee shop (we do have in-house coffees though) we live on our unique street with many local and international coffee and get-together options.

Are visitors allowed in the office?

This is YOUR OFFICE, so naturally it is OK to receive visitors for discussions etc. However, no visitor is allowed to stay here unattended or for a prolonged working time – if you wish to have a visitor working here longer than meeting/discussion time, please let us know and we will add a (Guest) day-pass charge to your account. Asides from the meeting areas you are welcome to can pull up a chair to your desk of course.

Can I give the keypad security code to guests coming in?

We try to keep the SPACES secure and safe. Where there is key pad security the code is exclusively for members only. If a guest wishes to use the washroom or head in and out of the office, he/she can use the doorbell or an access keycard for guests can be provided but must be returned after use. Most locations will have our standard biometric access systems though.

Can I conduct phone calls in the office?

Yes, sure you have too if you want to do business. We say with some common sense and courtesy everything is possible. Keep your volume at a minimum to provide a good and conducive working environment for your “co-workers”. Alternatively, there is the upstairs area for usage or the outsides and our “Chinese lobby” and other areas should you want to should you wish to conduct phone calls.

Can I work 24/7?

Yes, sure you have too our individual units give you 24/7 access with keys and security features. You may even enjoy 24/7 aircon. To be environmental friendly & to keep the cost in check we follow the simple rule "last one turns off the lights & aircon"

q7. memberships & payments?

Yes there are payments:) - we do need to cover our rents too, but we try to keep it simple, straightforward and fair.

How am I invoiced? You are generally invoiced at the beginning of your term, the first invoice includes the deposit and in most cases a pro-rated desk usage fee. Following invoiced are sent to you around the 25 of each month due by the 1st.

How can I pay? You can pay the invoice via credit card through Paypal or by Paypal. Alternatively we accept bank transfers and cash payments. Full fledged credit card payments are in the works.

Are there any late payment fees? We try to be generous with that and late payments interest will be only applied after a third reminder. Most SPACE users understand, that we have rental obligations too and pay on time.

Do you give discounts? Yes :) we generally apply discounts on multi desk usage and 6 months lock in. For the 6 months lock in we might require you to pay upfront or pay via automated giro or payment subscription.

q8. what are the opening hours?

For all our members we are open 24/7, day & night, weekends and weekdays. Members have full access to the office whenever they need to work

Admin hours Please note that except for emergencies our staffed hours are (9am)10am-5pm(6pm)

q9. formalities & forms & terms?

To give you some guidances on the on-boarding some help and forms here. As our space services are very individually catered to your needs, we would give you an individual offer for your required service.

The spaces are run as business/membership service, not as tenenacy agreement. We however can issue a confirmation documet for such an agreement shall you require proof for your company or authorities.

#F01 How to register for the SPACE service

How to register for the SPACE service

  1. You have received and agreed to a great offer to join us.
  2. Register via this form.
  3. You will receive the first invoice in most cases containing a security deposit & the full or prorated first month fee.

#F05 How to change/update/move out

How to update my service requirements

  1. You need to change your plans move out etc.
  2. Notify us to help you with the change.
  3. We will help you to implement the change as fair and fast as possible.

PlusConcept | Space Terms & Conditions


q1. what's plusconcept | myposte | anytime mail?

To give you some idea what our mail service is about:

Who is it for?
A professional looking mailing address is a staring point for any business. MyPoste is good for:

who prefer a proper mailing address (with the potential option of a workspace)
who prefer a good central, reputable and trusted address for they Singapore operation.
who might be travelling globally and want to keep tabs on their correspondence
who lived or "occasionally live" in Singapore.
who is relocating operations from Singapore, but would have a trustworthy location, option to manage the correspondence of companies. Simple - we want you to get started with your mailing/business address as fast as possible.

Who are we?
PlusConcept is a Singapore based firm to provide supporting tools & business development to various businesses. PlusConcept | SPACE is our brand for workspaces and PlusConcept | MyPoste is our brand for the best VO service platform base on our ANYTIME MAIL system.

q2. what address can i use?

Our prime address for this service (more to come) is:

16 Purvis Street, #02-xxx
(S) 188595

12 Purvis Street, #02-xxx
(S) 188591

**For most MYPOSTE addresses we use the address below, with a 3 digit mail box number of your choosing on sign-up. The 3 digit number is our system requirement, but you may use a different format as your address.

16 Purvis Street #02-00 or #02-xxx
(S) 188595

We provide a real street address our mailbox is literally catch all, as long as it is 16 Purvis Street. It is very important to keep your registered name and company name and plan up-to-date with us, as it will be the main identifier for your mailing and make sure you receive your mail.

You will get one of the most interesting and unique business addresses in Singapore – a unique building address on a unique street. Not an obvious mailbox or virtual office facility. Not just a mailbox address with no office behind. Our exclusive shared office services at the same address add to your business reputation.

q3. how to sign up and use?

How to sign-up?
Simple - we want you to get started with your mailing/business address as fast as possible:

For MyPoste you can sign-up directly by yourself, keep your information & credit card information secure and choose your preferred plan - even monthly. Sign-up directly via the pricing links or the LOGIN | SIGN-UP link which will set you up on our secure mailing platform. After approval of your account you will be able to use the address right away.

For PlusConcept VO Starter - head to the SIGN-UP FORM on this site. After you filled out the details PlusConcept will send you the annual invoice, which you can pay via credit card, PayPal or any other payment mode. After your payment is confirmed, you will be able to use the address.

How am I notified?
With our VO STARTER PLAN you will receive a notification mail as soon as you receive mails.

With MYPOSTE you will receive notifications AND scanned envelope images via our platform or the smartphone apps.

We upload mailings on a daily basis, so unless there is delays on the postman delivery side you should be up to date and aware what's going on in your mailbox.

How can I manage my mail?
All MyPoste customer are able to select actions, from scanning content, physical forwarding, to cheque deposits & disposing/safely shredding the mails and more. You will be always up-to-date on your postal mails through our interface.

Of course we are always here in person to check things out for you.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: How can receive my postal mails?
Mails are ready to picked up at our location on 12 Purvis Street. You have various ways to find and collect your mails:

Your mails will be ready for collection at 12 Purvis Street 2F. Please visit during our office hours 8:30-5:30pm(weekdays)

With Myposte you can request to have mailings forwarded to your per Postal mail. In most plans there is a simple bulk mailing fee charged on top of the postage. This basically applies per post office run - not per letter. However since you are able to request scans in many cases you should be able to handle your mail even without receiving physical copies.

How long do you keep postal mails?
Our VO STARTER has a 30 days mail retention. For the other plans we keep your mails up to 90 days. Current mails or those for frequent pick-ups are displayed as above. After the timing is up or for infrequent pick-ups the mails can be found in an secondary storage. Older or bulky items can be found in the storage box below the mail pick-up board. We will dispose uncollected mails after 90 days. From there we will move the mails to a shredding/disposal holding which can be still accessed, but will be recycled when full.

Do you receive couriers & parcels?
We can sign and receive courier deliveries and parcels for you. If you have special deliveries, legal documents please inform us as we might not be able to sign under certain conditions. Also if there are larger parcels, we might not have the storage capacity. In any case you can always contact us to check.

We are dealing with regular postal mail in most cases, i.e. paper, letterboxes, postal guys & delivery times etc. We do our best to timely scan the mails for you within a day - there might be some variations in the actual physical mails delivery times.

As snappy our system is, there is not much we can do if the mail does not arrive or late. For content scans, we always securely trying to handle all your requests during our business hours. We try to achieve a 24 hour turnaround on most business days in most cases much quicker.

For very urgent deliveries you can always talk to us.

q4. use myposte/anytime mail as service for your clients?

We are happy to offer our platform for your serviced office, company secretarial service, co-working space etc. Whereever you like to provide your client with a low investment, up to date and managed mail solution. Talk to us about deatails.


q1. what's plusconcept | inc business development?

We support the development of your business in Asia with core competencies on the Japan and Singapore markets. We offer our Smart hub Singapore as entry point, Sandbox and market. We represent your company on location and support the development of your business actively and operationally. Our service is hands-on, embedded and coordinated.

q2. market support packages

Based on our long time experience with clients interested in entering Asian markets, we developed an efficient hands-on support package. If you think your product is ready for the Asian market, if you are looking for a business or distribution partner, if you are visiting a trade fair or want to initiate sales and pitch meetings… We offer you the relevant market data, analysis and on location support to analyse your chances, provide you with contacts and keep up the momentum.

q3. direct market support


q4. in-market support example

Get hands on support in Singapore or Japan to prepare partner searches, a market visit, pitch meetings, trade fair visits

  • 1-2 Man Day exclusive
  • Analysis/Research
  • Local Staff
  • Network Contacts

Task Examples (not limited) Company Profile, Targeted Market Analysis (Partners, competitors, distributors regulations etc.)

Actual visit with guidance, translation, discussions (Trade fair, negotiations, pitch meetings)

Report, follow-ups, keep the momentum, prepare next steps, represent, sell

Price example (refrence only)
Prices are customized to your needs.
From SGD 3990

More questions? Curious?
We are very approachable.
JusT give us a call or enter your question beloW.