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Since its inception PlusConcept has supported HOIIO as the best service for getting a local phone line for your business, name cards and marketing purposes. The HOIIO package comes with great features as forwarding extensions, text to voice voicemail announcements, business hour settings etc. As prime shared office and co-working space in Singapore - Hoiio phones are one of the best and state of the art solutions for our desk-space and office members.

Visit HOIIO and get 3 months free and other features through PlusConcept. Check out more details - click the button

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PlusConcept Virtual Office Services

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Guide to a very neat mailing address and virtual office platform in Singapore


If your business is expanding or starting out in Singapore one of the key (marketing) features will be a mailing address and a business address.

A prominent address, preferable one that does not look like a PO box or an off the rack virtual office service, add to credibility and professional set-up of your operations. Unfortunately the service level and reliability of many solutions is often lacking resulting in lost mails, no overview of your mailings or obviously well known letterbox addresses.

Some key features to look out for are:



A permanent Singapore address to receive postal mail. Whether you need to establish a local business address for your new company or want a reliable mail services while you travel. A good mailing solution makes it easy for you to access your postal mail from anywhere. - Add content about CBD and accessibility,

Business Address

Singapore law requires all local companies to have a registered Singapore address. A virtual office solution  can act as the official corporate and operating address for your company, providing one permanent address for all business communications. Use your Singapore address for government registration or on business cards, company letterhead or to register a website.

Personal Address

You have one Singapore address where you can receive mail and packages everyday - even when you're traveling. Choose to forward your mail to any local or international address and get all packages delivered right to your door, no matter how many times you move.

The service should accept mails and signs for packages everyday, so you never miss a delivery and you always know what's arrived.



Stay updated from anywhere

The service should ensure that you never miss a tax document or official bank statement by notifying you of every delivery - including letters, documents and packages. Automatic email alerts let you know that something has arrived, when it arrived and you can log into the system to see more details. A online system allows you to view a scanned .jpeg copy of the front and back of each envelope, so it's easy to see what's been delivered.

Easy decision making

Good systems can access a full-color scanned copy of the front and back of each envelope, so you can tell the difference between junk mail and important statements. Decide to open the envelope and scan contents, forward the mail to a new address, or trash it forever.

See a complete history

Tracking of deliveries is important, so you always have a record of what was sent and when it arrived. A copy of each scanned envelope is always available - even if you chose to trash the mail for good.



Save or forward your mail

Ability to pick up your mail in person or have it forwarded to a new address. Pongo Post is the most convenient and secure way to receive postal mail.

Forward original documents

Check for forwarding Restrictions - list a few here and link to another web page with extensive details.

Singapore Law it is not legally allowed to accept. Bulk packages - 20 kilos 1 meter, length breadth or height perishable, flamable.



Everything is shredded and sent for recycling. Safely shredding of sensitive documents or recycling of  junk mail, whilst maintaining a full electronic history of your mail, including scanned copies of important documents, so you can safely dispose of the original.



summary of all your mail scroll over images based on image, one click decision making within 24 hours we alert you that your scanned copy is available Login into system see searchable PDF organized by date, newest content on top chose not to open it, still maintain permanent hard copy of scanned envelop download or print your mail fully searchable pdf keyword search through all opened mail

The advertisement bit :):

With Pongopost and PlusConcept | SPACE Virtual Office Starter, we try to offer a state of the art, yet personal and professional solution for the above at two locations of your choice in Singapore. We are flexible enough to give your business a presence and have options to expand into virtual phone services and even desk and shared office services through PlusConcept | SPACE.


Our Singapore Office Locations

16 Purvis Street, Singapore 188595

On trendy Purvis Street near the Raffles Hotel, between City Hall, Bugis and Esplanade MRT stations.

At 16 Purvis Street we do additionally offer a professional shared office and co-working space PlusConcept SPACE

If you are looking for a workspace. Please head over to PlusConcept | SPACE

If you are looking for a Virtual Phone solution please check our partner HOIIO

PlusConcept HOIIO Phone Service

Our partner HOIIO is an innovate, easy and instant communication platform to enable your business with a state of the art and instant local phone number solution and much more.

You can choose a local and proper 6 number for your business with various forward options, online/app access or connection to a sip phone. In addition there are neat features like multilingual announcements and extension forwarding.

We at PlusConcept utilise the service ourselves, as we find it the most efficient and up to date solution to provide a flexible business with a local contact number.

In cooperation with PlusConcept you will receive:

1. Free 3 months trial of all the Apps worth up to SGD 135 2. Short activation time 3. Numbers from various countries on the fly 4. No equipment needed to get started 5. Configure using the our easy to use User interface

You will get an extended trial period so you can play around and try out the service.

update: PlusConcept | SPACE happy to be part of the Coworking Asia Conference (Tokyo 2013) + Presentation

We are happy to represent and share our insights about Singapore Co-working at the Coworking Asia Conference in Tokyo. Thanks for inviting our PLUSCONCEPT | SPACE.





Virtual Office STARTER Special $10/month only

We are happy to offer our Singapore Virtual Office STARTER PLAN at$10*per month only.

For $120 per year you can get a fantastic address @Purvis Street. Great virtual office management and mail notifications, mail storage and upgrade to our Pro-System Pongopost for basic mail notifications

More details with an new INSTANT SIGN-UP FORM or our PlusConcept | Space website.