1st edition of the "PlusConcept Meet our Members & Partners Series"


MEET: Gephen Private LimitedFOR: Great web development Founded in 2013, Gephen is a boutique web and software development agency based in Singapore. We develop innovative solutions from building simple websites to complex large-scale web applications. From advisory of cost-effective solutions to strategizing using data, with us you can discover how to harness technology to improve your business processes. We design, build and implement your ideas and ease you of all the nitty-gritty (nerdy) details. We are deeply rooted in the agile software development approach. Our services include technology consulting, web/application development, information architecture, web analytics, web design, content/document management systems, and user interface development. Visit us at http://www.gephen.co

NEW: PlusConcept | Task Assistant™ - get your admin done


We are happy to introduce a new feature available for members as a discount and to anyone who would like to focus on the important and leave us with the smaller admin issues in life. Find more details in our feature site PLUSCONCEPT | TASK ASSISTANT SITE

How does PlusConcept | Task and virtual assistant help you and your business?

Gives you flexibility You may not need an assistant all the time. The assistant can be engaged for only a few hours to filter your emails or deal with vendors. If in the midst of engaging a VA you need to discontinue their service due to cashflow issues, you may do so within short notice period.

Cost effectiveness Only hire the staff for specific tasks and specific periods. No overheads or logistical costing incurred by staff like space, equipment or supplies as the staff works from home. 

You do not need to worry about any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits (except in the context that those indirect expenses are included in the VA's fees).

A frontline mini you With technology such as VOIP services, this adds personal touch to your business in the form of a receptionist without the additional cost of hiring someone full-time.

Check out the details or as usual just contact us.

Serviced Office VS. Traditional Office

Serviced Office VS. Traditional Office
A short video showing the advantages of having a serviced office in comparison to having a traditional office. Serviced offices offer up-to-date and helpful ...
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Purvis Street is also known as Old Hainanese Street. [neighborhood article]


PinkyPiggu: Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice 逸群鸡饭 @ Purvis Street ~ One Of My Favourites and... ♥ Experiencelism & Experimentalism ♥ A Singapore food blog on dining experiences and cooking experiments by a gal who loves all things pink and can't stop eating!

More info @ http://www.pinkypiggu.com/2014/10/yet-con-hainanese-chicken-rice-purvis.html

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Site Renovation :)


We've been renovating! Our website that is. This is the official soft opening. As usual we can be found at www.space.plusconceptinc.com (well - here) ★ We will have a few surprises in store in the very near future. Member introductions and a great team of in-house supporters, like a PlusConcept | SPACE CFO and MEMBER ADMIN SERVICES to name a few & to let our members work even harder on developing and succeeding on their businesses.


new website plusconcept|space

Workshop Space @ 38 Orchard


Check our PlusConcept Workshop | SPACE @ Dhoby Ghaut. This unpretentious yet tastefully designed space is ideal for various purposes from seminars, gatherings to even a product launch. Holds up to 50 pax. 7 mins walk to the bustling Somerset and Orchard. Next to The Cathay and Plaza Singapura in a historic shophouse for you to get delectable food to compliment your event. Balance between professional and casual style | Conducive |

Up to 50 pax comfortably | Mutli-purpose | boutique design |

Strategic location | 5 mins to CBD | Amenities nearby | Food haven